Home Care for Veterans in Temporary Need

Home care is sometimes thought of as a service for the elderly, but that isn't always the case. People suffering from devastating injuries may need assistance with living in their own home when the hospital isn't viable and in times when family simply can't leave work to help out around the house. If you're a veteran and dealing with some issues that may or may not become more easily managed, take the time to understand what home care can do to help in different, difficult situations.

Home Care Can Be Temporary

The idea of having home care may be a little off-putting to some. Does it mean that a person can enter your home whenever they want to help you, or that a new person will be moving into your home? Not at all! In fact, temporary home care professionals and permanent home care professionals may do their jobs in mostly the same way; the only difference is the amount of time hired.

More many people in need of home health care assistance, the professional is a visiting nurse, social worker or other qualified professional. Their services can range from administering medication and helping with hygiene to performing basic errands around the house or just being someone to talk to.

When a home care professional begins their shift, the arrive at a specific time unless you schedule for a different time. They knock at the door like any other guest and can adapt to reasonable house rules as long as you communicate your needs and expectations beforehand. It's understandable that a veteran may have a lot of catching up to do with friends and family back home or a much deserved chunk of time alone after working with fellow service members for years, and home care professionals can work around those situations.

A home care professional is not a live-in nurse. Although companies providing care professionals may also provide live-in assistants, such situations are not the standard type of agreement and would be specifically organized by your request.

Even Young Veterans May Need Assistance

As mentioned, the stigma surrounding home care may turn many people away from services that they need. Recently separated veterans may not think of a home care professional as an option, or may reel against the idea of needing help from a long-term care provider.

Physical therapy and other transitional services at the hospital are available at home. If you think about home care as an alternative to driving (or catching a ride) to the hospital for a lengthy physical therapy session, you can see the benefits of home care without thinking about it as an "old folks service."

Veterans Affairs (the VA) can even provide financial assistance or referrals to the home care team that you choose. Whether you want to work with an individual you can trust or be in the care of an entire team that can check on you while giving you personal time at home, there are many arrangements that can be made to suit your needs.

Contact a home care in Calgary to discuss your medical needs and ways that a visiting health care assistant can help.